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Support for KW's Front Line

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  • Write a card/note of appreciation and address is to a certain floor number of the hospital so all staff working on that floor can view it in the staff room
  • Make a meal and leave it on the door step of someone you know working in the front lines (or ask around if anyone has a friend/family that could use the help)
  • Drop off a nice bath product to relax someone after a long shift and leave it on the door step
  • Purchase an egift card for tim hortons and send to a floor manager for staff to get coffee 
  • The obvious, stay home, this also applies if you have mild symptoms of any sickness, please call telehealth for advice FIRST before heading to emerg to reduce the amount of people in the hospital. 
  • Several local companies are still doing take out and deliveries, you could arrange for lunch to be delivered to a certain floor at the hospital. 
  • Donating to one of the organizations raising money for or making masks or other PPE which is needed
  • Start a words of encouragement box, place on your driveway and encourage neighbors to contribute by dropping off small notes of appreciation (during their daily, distanced exercise outing) and have the box dropped off at a local health care center 
  • Encourage kids to write notes to health care workers in sidewalk chalk on the sidewalks 

  • Check in on your friends and family working, ask if there is anything you can do for them to help them through this. 
  • Participate in your neighborhoods daily 7:30pm front line recognition - yell, bang on things, whistle, cheer, strum a guitar! Join together in the stationary, distanced, appreciation parade


  • Give your cashier a gift card as you pass through
  • Hand your cashier a note when you’re done shopping
  • Praise/Thank your cashier and other staff you see in the store verbally while shopping (from a distance obviously)

  • Choose your battles, customer service is not priority right now, if things are out of stock, it’s due to circumstance, this does not validate complaints during this time. 


  • Leave gift cards for coffee, food at local restaurants, snacks, notes, cards, outside a station
  • Continue to use 911 for emergencies only
  • If calling 911, alert dispatch right away if you are symptomatic so they can notify medical staff before they arrive on scene
  • Send lots of memes! Front line workers need humor to get through some shifts, memes are always welcome!

  • Many of the same things mentioned for health care can be done for these services as well



We'd love to hear other creative ways of showing your support. Leave your suggestions in the comment box and we encourage you to share this to keep things positive in KW. We are in this together while apart, we will come out stronger and I want to thank every single one of you for doing your part in this whether that's being a great parent, working the front lines, or staying home.
Thank You!



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