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Reasons to Love "Kdub"

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1. KW is home to multiple neighborhoods each providing it's own unique community and "family atmosphere". 

2. KW is home to some of the most opposite lifestyles. Ranging from mennonite farms producing local agriculture to tech hubs producing new technology to transform the future. 

3. Maple Syrup (this speaks for itself)

4. KW is home to some fantastic hometown sports teams

5. KW is unique in it's landscape of cityscapes, unique houses throughout the city and rolling hills surrounding each city core.

6. KW hosts several incredible festivals each year including Blues fest, Rib fest, Multi cultural festival and it's most popular - Oktoberfest!

7. KW has it's own airport

8. KW is a city that never stops learning! The professors, students, courses, and facilities are top notch and people are constantly learning and applying new knowledge in this city. 

9. KW has some great hipster vibes throughout the city. Coffee Shops here do not disappoint. 

10. KW is always improving. We don't settle for mediocracy here! Whether it's environmental, technical or physical KW knows no limits!


What are some of the reasons you love it here? Comment Below!

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